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In September 2007 the Ngati Ranginui Fisheries Trust received confirmation that it was a Mandated Iwi Organisation with regards to the Maori Fisheries Act 2006 and Aquaculture.

This entitled Ngati Ranginui to receive some $3.98 million dollars of fisheries assets on 30 September 2007. These assets had been managed by Te Ohu Kaimoana and in small part by Ngati Ranginui Iwi Society for some time until the Iwi of Aotearoa had agreed to a settlement formula and met the requirements for establishing a new entity.

Christopher Stokes (Chairperson)  

The Ngati Ranginui Fisheries Trust owns a holding company (Ngati Ranginui Fisheries Holding Company) which will hold and manage the fisheries assets. The Trust and Company continue to look at investment opportunities to grow these assets and the benefits of the assets are distributed by the Fisheries Trust to our marae and our people, such as marae grants, customary fish, education grants and other projects/joint ventures with the Society, to ensure their well-being and to maintain customary traditions.

Ngati Ranginui Fish Trust Trustees


For any enquiries contact their registered office on 07 5710934 or 07 5710936.